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How Does a Car Qualify for Lemon Law in California? 2021 Guide

Wed 28th Jul, 2021 by in Blog

Originally written by Kathleen Cobbs on July 21, 2021

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Imagine having to use public transportation, and having no other options but to spend innumerable hours commuting or traveling, with schedules that you have to fit in, and the whole process that drains your energy. Now imagine saving money for a long time, and finally, at last, being able to purchase something that would make your life a lot easier.

And that something is logical – a car. You can finally save some time for more useful activities such as sleeping more, exercising in the morning, or learning a language.

That one or two hours a day really makes a difference, according to numerous surveys. Other than that, having a car for your family is a necessity nowadays, and it’s one of the essential things that help you organize your life better and do everyday tasks faster and more efficiently.

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Now imagine getting used to owning a car, and being able to enjoy the convenience of that when suddenly, something unexpected happens. When speaking of car problems, that’s how people usually perceive them – everything was perfectly fine and then all of a sudden – something happened and I had to ask for help!

In this unwanted scenario, there are a few things you can do. One of them is to blame your destiny for everything (or blame the car manufacturer, or the dealership) and of course, you can always argue with someone or be devastated because you will have to spend more money on repairs that you haven’t planned at all. But what else is there that could be done?

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Luckily for people who have experienced car problems, there are certain laws and regulations that are protecting them from unnecessary expenses and irregularities of many kinds. One of them is the California lemon law. You’ve probably heard about this law but you’ve never thought you’re going to be one of the people who have to deal with a lemon? You are not the only one. However, when something like this happens anyway, this law instantly becomes one of the most important things to consider.

But to be able to take advantage of this law, you first need to know your rights and understand how this law works in reality; and finally – what the term lemon actually means.

When someone says that his car is a lemon, it means that this vehicle has a serious defect and that this defect is stopping the car from working properly and normally. It could be any car, meaning that not only the used cars can qualify or fall under this law – new cars can be lemons as well, along with the used and leased cars whether those are trucks, SUVs or regular cars. Generally speaking, vehicles meant for land usage are the ones that are included in the category of the vehicles that can fit under this law, whether these are vehicles used for business or the more common, personal usage. Logically, this only works for the state of California, where this law can only be applied. If you bought your car elsewhere, you can forget about the possible advantages of this law.

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When it comes to potential problems you may face, the most important thing you need to know is that if your car’s a lemon, these issues are not caused by you, but rather the dealership where you have bought it, the previous owner or the manufacturer itself. This explains the main purpose of this law, which is to protect car owners while the manufacturer’s warranty is on. That being said, this warranty is a must-have, if you want to seek legal help, which can result in a refund, free repair or the replacement of certain car parts or even the entire vehicle. If your car is still under the warranty, then you don’t have to worry about solving your car problems – it will be solved quickly and efficiently.

The California Lemon Law is there to help individuals who are struggling to deal with car dealerships that are trying to sell malfunctioning vehicles, by giving a good law frame that regulates all the issues in this field. The only problem is the fact that people are not always sure if they can qualify or not, which is why the best thing you can do is to seek help from renowned professionals from Quill & Arrow Law LLC, who can guide you through the whole process, and make sure that every step is made correctly.

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One of the things you need to keep in mind when it comes to this law, is the length of your warranty and more importantly, the time frame in which you can apply for compensation, refund, replacement etc. This time frame should be no longer than a year and a half after you’ve bought your vehicle, but you can’t qualify for this law claims if your car hasn’t been repaired multiple times (or at least two) or in other words – there has to be several attempts to fix your car problems so that your car can fall under this law. However, it depends from case to case, so by this law, there is no exact number of attempts to fix the problem – it’s rather something that depends on each individual case.

Still, you need to know that the number of times you tried to repair your car has to be considered reasonable, and the main purpose of this is to find out if the problem can be solved in another way or the only option is to go through the legal action and ask for a replacement of your car or some of the other solutions.

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What would be the right procedure if you want to start solving your car problems? If you are not sure whether the California Lemon Law can apply on your vehicle or several vehicles since not every complaint of this kind or car problem can be treated the same way, you should ask a professional mechanic for advice, the second step is to prepare your documentation and then the third step is to seek for legal advice and help. After this, things should go in your favor, very fast!
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