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How to Stop Manufacturers’ Defense Lawyers From Ruining Your Lemon Law Claim

Mon 1st Feb, 2021 by in Lemon Law

There’s no denying the fact that filing a lemon law claim can be a challenging and intimidating process. Not only are you required to provide evidence that your vehicle meets strict state requirements for what cars are lemons, but you must take on the big feat of standing up against incredibly large manufacturing companies with seemingly endless monetary resources. Of course, these big corporations will not easily give up potentially thousands of dollars and admit they the vehicle you were sold was faulty or defective, so they will likely fight your claim. Do not be bullied by big corporations into driving a car that is not safe. If you are hoping to file a lemon law claim, your best bet of successfully winning your claim is hiring lemon law attorneys who understand your needs and your unique situation. Before heading into a legal battle with a big corporation, there are certain things you should understand about filing a lemon law claim. If you are hoping to file a lemon law claim, read below to see how Quill and Arrow can help you.

1. Manufacturers’ Defense Attorneys Have Many Tricks Up Their Sleeves

It is incredibly common for the defense lawyers of big corporations to keep a few tricks up their sleeve that attempt to prevent consumers from filing claims with the help of experienced lemon law lawyers like the attorneys here at Quill and Arrow. Listed below are some of the most common tactics defense attorneys will use to try and intimidate you from filing your claim:

2. Corporate defense attorneys will claim that you only need a lemon law attorney for special circumstances

A very common misunderstanding that corporate defense lawyers try and claim is that vehicle consumers only require lemon law attorneys in special cases. For example, a special case would be if you have a leased car, a used lemon, or in the case that manufacturers recalled any products. This is completely untrue. Big corporations know that you have a significantly higher chance of winning your lemon law case if you hire a lemon law attorney, so they intentionally attempt to manipulate consumers with this untrue notion. Manufacturers would prefer that you do not have an experienced lemon law attorney, no matter the circumstances, because it puts them in the better position of having greater chances of beating you in your case.

3. Corporate defense attorneys will tell you that lemon law lawyers attempt to drag out litigation on purpose

When lemon law court cases drag on for months on end, the manufacturer’s defense attorney typically complains that it’s entirely the lemon law attorney’s fault. However, the truth is that these cases are typically dragged out because of the manufacturer’s unwillingness to pay their consumers what they deserve by law after purchasing or leasing a defective car. It is a very normal technique for manufacturers’ defense attorneys to drag out litigation in the hopes that you will give up on the claim all together. This false claim is a particularly dangerous one to the consumer, because it’s an attempt to deter you from seeking a lemon law lawyer and putting you in a weak position during litigation.

It’s very challenging to prove in California that you have a defective vehicle and that the manufacturer is at fault, so the defense attorneys take advantage of this by delaying proceedings and payment. This is an attempt to either low-ball you and pay you less than what you legally deserve, or to try and push you to drop your claim all together.

Manufacturers’ defense attorneys will claim that lemon law lawyers are only interested in your case for the money

Again, the manufacturer’s defense lawyers will likely make a false assertion that lemon law lawyers are only invested in their own best interest and will take advantage of you by prolonging the process for higher lawyer fees. This is another attempt by manufacturers to drive consumers away from hiring lemon law lawyers and turn public opinion away from lemon law and instead market a push towards mediation and arbitration. It’s in the manufacturer’s best interest for lemon law claims to be handled in arbitration due to the fact that they are reviewed by individual arbitrators who are more likely to favor the manufacturer over the consumer. Trying to win the full compensation you are entitled to is much more challenging in arbitration because arbitration programs typically have rules that favor defendants. The truth of the matter is that when you are sold or leased a lemon, the only party that is on your side and looking out for your best interest is your lemon law lawyer.

What Can You Do To Make Sure Your Lemon Law Case is Airtight?

Even though manufacturers will try and take advantage of you by playing the tricks up their sleeves, you can still win your case if you have ample evidence for your claim. It’s essential to the success of your claim to gather any and all documentation that accurately portrays the defectiveness of your vehicle before you even file your claim. Evidence that will help build a strong claim includes:

  • Copies of your warranty agreement with the manufacturer
  • All documentation of mechanical issues
  • Copies of your invoices for all repairs
  • Copies of invoices for any additional costs you incurred due to your faulty vehicle (like towing costs, rental fees, etc.)
  • An accurate timeline of when you brought your vehicle in for repair, had to pay for a rental, and/or had your car towed

At the end of the day, your case must meet the lemon law requirements of whichever state you live in. In California in particular, you could be entitled to a complete buyback or replacement of your defective vehicle.

If You Are Looking to File a Lemon Law Claim, Speak With a Lemon Law Attorney from Quill & Arrow LLP Today.

At Quill and Arrow, we know how frustrating and scary it can be to drive an unsafe vehicle caused by a manufacturer defect. We are experienced and committed to utilizing our knowledge to build you a strong claim and maximize the compensation you receive at the conclusion of your claim. Do not wait and put you or your family in more danger by continuing to drive a defective vehicle. Please give us a call at 310-933-4271 to set up a free case evaluation, and remember, you pay nothing until we win your case.

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