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The design of the California Lemon Law is to protect consumers who bought or leased a lemon vehicle. Understanding your rights under this law can be tricky, but with the guidance of Quill & Arrow, LLP, a leading lemon law firm, navigating the legal landscape becomes easier. 

Below are frequently asked questions by lemon vehicle owners. We have provided detailed answers to help you understand your rights and learn how to file lemon law in California. So come along with us as we show you the path to resolving your situation.

What is the Lemon Law in California?

The California lemon law applies to new and used vehicles bought or leased in California. These vehicles must be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. Sometimes vehicles have a defect or condition that impairs the use, value, or safety of the vehicle. If the manufacturer is unable to repair the vehicle after a reasonable number of attempts, you may qualify for a buyback, replacement, or cash settlement.

What Qualifies As A Lemon Car In California? — Defining a “Reasonable Number of Attempts”

When going through what makes a car a lemon in California, the lemon law does not specify an exact number of repair attempts. However, a reasonable number of attempts generally means:

  • At least two attempts to repair a warranty problem that could cause death or serious injury to occupants
  • At least four attempts to fix the same standard warranty problem
  • The vehicle is out of service for repairs for more than 30 cumulative days for any number of warranty problems

How Does A Car Qualify For Lemon Law In California? 

In determining what qualifies for California lemon law, the vehicle must first meet the lemon law requirements California enforces. California’s lemon law applies when all the following are true:

  • The problems affecting your car has coverage under the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The problem first occurred within 18 months of delivery, or within 18,000 miles, whichever came first. For major defects after this time frame, talk to an attorney. 
  • The problem impacts the use, value or safety of the vehicle, assuming the problems were not caused by abuse or neglect.
  • If the warranty or owner’s manual requires it, you have notified the manufacturer about the problems. (It’s best to have this in writing). 

Does the Lemon Law Apply to Used Vehicles?

Yes, the California lemon law covers used vehicles, but only if the vehicle is still under the manufacturer’s original warranty or a certified pre-owned (CPO) warranty. The law also applies if the dealer’s warranty came alongside the vehicle at the time of sales.

How Does The Lemon Law Work In California? What To Do If You Own A Lemon 

If you suspect that your vehicle is a lemon, the following steps are recommended:

  1. Keep detailed records of all repairs and communications with the dealership and manufacturer.
  2. Make sure to give the manufacturer a reasonable opportunity to repair the vehicle.
  3. Contact Quill & Arrow, LLP, to discuss your situation with a skilled lemon law attorney and understand your legal options.

How Long Do I Have to File a Lemon Law Claim in California?

You have four years from the date you first realized the vehicle might be a lemon to file a claim. However, it’s best to act as soon as you suspect a problem. This way, you’ll have an easier time gathering documents allowing your attorney to make sure you have the strongest possible case.

Can I Afford a Lemon Law Attorney?

Yes, you can afford a Lemon Law attorney! Quill & Arrow LLP works on a contingency fee basis, which means you pay no upfront costs. Our fees are usually paid by the manufacturer if your lemon law claim is successful.

How Long Does a Lemon Law Case Take?

The duration of a lemon law case can vary depending on certain factors. These include the specifics of the case, the responsiveness of the manufacturer, and the court’s schedule. However, many Lemon Law claims reach settlement before reaching the courtroom. As a result, this can shorten the process. Quill & Arrow, LLP, strives to resolve cases as swiftly as possible while aiming for the best outcome for our clients.

What Is Arbitration And What Compensations Can I Get Under the California Lemon Law?

Arbitration is a free and relatively simple way of resolving warranty problems. Here, both you and the manufacturer agree to allow a neutral third party (an arbitrator) to decide whether a reasonable number of repair attempts have been made to fix your car. The arbitrator then decides what should be the next step for resolution. 

Under the California lemon law, you may qualify for:

  • A vehicle buyback
  • A replacement vehicle
  • Cash compensation. This may include a refund for repair costs, rental car expenses, and any other related expenses. 

If Not Arbitration, Then What? 

If arbitration doesn’t resolve the issue under the Lemon Law, the next step is usually litigation. In simple terms, this means taking the case to court. When the manufacturer doesn’t offer a fair settlement, you may need to file a lawsuit to seek a satisfactory resolution.

Litigation can be a more formal and time-consuming process compared to arbitration. It is essential to have legal representation to navigate the complexities of the legal system. Only then can you ensure your rights are protected throughout the process. 

Why Should I Choose Quill & Arrow LLP for my Lemon Law Case?

Quill & Arrow, LLP, is a leading lemon law firm with a proven track record of success. Our experienced attorneys are dedicated to fighting for the rights of consumers against major car manufacturers. We understand how to file for lemon law in California and the nuance involved in getting clients maximum compensation. We remain committed to providing personalized service and effective legal representation. This way, we ensure that we achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

Can Quill & Arrow LLP Guarantee a Positive Outcome for My Lemon Law Claim?

While no legal firm can guarantee a specific outcome, Quill & Arrow, LLP prides itself on its dedication to client success. Our experienced attorneys conduct thorough case evaluations. We also work non-stop to advocate for your rights under the Lemon Law California has in place. Our track record and client testimonials reflect our commitment to achieving favorable results.

You’re One Step Closer To Resolution

If you’re grappling with the frustration of owning a lemon vehicle in California, you have options. The California lemon law offers protection and knowing how to file a lemon law claim in California is key. With the help of a seasoned lemon law firm like Quill & Arrow LLP, you can navigate the process easily. 

Remember, it’s crucial to act fast and keep detailed records of your vehicle’s repair history. Consulting with a dedicated attorney can improve your chances of securing the compensation you deserve. Quill & Arrow, LLP, is here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring your rights remain protected. Take this journey with us and see how fast we can get you back on the road.

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