F150 Transmission Problems: Understanding the Issues, Solutions, and Legal Options

The Ford F150, equipped with the popular 10 speed transmission, is well-known for its performance and durability. However, even with the good reports, several owners still complain of frequent F150 transmission problems. Transmission problems reduce the overall reliability and performance of the vehicle. 

In this guide we will explain the most common Ford 10 speed transmission problems and their causes. From there we will recommend solutions and how you can fix these problems. Read on to learn how to get the best out of your F150 10 speed transmission.

Overview of the Ford F-150 10-Speed Transmission

When did f150 get 10 speed? Well, in 2017, the manufacturers came up with the Ford F150 10 speed transmission as an upgrade to the previous design. With this upgrade came the promise of better fuel efficiency, stronger towing capabilities, and smoother shifting between gears. Its overall aim was to give owners a better driving experience. They did this by reducing the steps between each gear ratio. Thus helping in maximizing engine power during acceleration.

However, even with all these supposed upgrades, this 10 speed transmission is not flawless. Let’s discuss the potential of 2017 ford f150 transmission problems and how you can fix it.

Common Ford F150 Transmission Problems

Certain reports are common to owners of Ford F150 trucks with 10 speed transmission. We collected the most reported Ford transmission issues here:

Rough or Harsh Shifting

Rough or harsh shifting is one of the most common F150 transmission problems. In these complaints, drivers reported constant or frequent jerky gear shifting. This usually happened during acceleration or deceleration. With this issue it is impossible to come to a full stop without experiencing these jerks. This indicates that the Ford 10 speed transmission reliability is the cause.

If you reside in a location with frequent traffic, you will feel this problem even more due to constant acceleration and deceleration. 

It has been found that there are several causes of the Ford F150 10 speed transmission problems. Common sources of this issue are software glitches, improper calibration, or a faulty solenoid pack.

Gear Slippage or Engagement Issues

People tend to confuse gear slippage with rough or harsh shifting. They are two different things. With gear slippage, there may not be frequent jerks. Instead, the transmission fails to properly engage a gear which leads to power loss, inconsistent acceleration, or difficulty in shifting. These symptoms are quite similar to that of the Ford F150 6 speed automatic transmission problems. 

The common causes are insufficient transmission fluid, wear on clutch plates, or a malfunctioning torque converter.

Transmission Overheating

If you use your Ford F150 truck in demanding conditions like towing heavy loads then you are probably no stranger to Ford super duty 10 speed transmission problems. This usually shows up in the form of overheating and is associated with insufficient cooling capacity, damaged cooling lines, or a malfunctioning transmission. 

If you experience transmission overheating, it is best to tend to it as soon as possible. This is to avoid causing excessive or irreparable damage to your transmission. 

Software and Calibration Issues

Since the transmission control module relies on electrical operations, it is prone to software issues. Subsequently, these software issues can lead to erratic shifting, delays, or incorrect gear selection. If it keeps happening, it can affect fuel efficiency resulting in additional costs for the owner.

Effective Solutions For Your F150 transmission problems

Luckily, most vehicle issues, especially the 2017 Ford F150 10 speed transmission problems don’t have convoluted solutions. If you experience any of the problems we outlined, refer to the following section:

Regular Maintenance and Fluid Checks

You would be surprised by how many problems can be avoided with regular maintenance and fluid checks. It is crucial to perform regular maintenance if you want the best from your transmission and your vehicle in general. If the fluid is losing its original color, don’t hesitate to drain it. After draining, you can then replace it with the recommended transmission fluid from the manufacturer.

Updating Software and Calibration

Your Ford 10r80 transmission problems may only need a simple software update and recalibration. This is only if it is a software-related issue. Consult your local Ford dealership or authorized service center. This way you can get any available updates or recalibrations specific to your vehicle’s model and production year.

Seeking Professional Assistance

If you have persistent Ford transmission problems and are unable to diagnose them, your best option is to seek professional assistance. The certified technicians will have better knowledge on the subject than your typical auto shop employee. They should be able to pinpoint problems quickly and provide a reasonable solution. It is also worth mentioning that you should only contact authorized and certified technicians in order to avoid voiding your warranty if you have one. If you believe your service hasn’t been handled properly, or if you believe that you may be covered under the California Lemon Law, or a the Ford 10 Speed Transmission Class Action Lawsuit, fill out the form below to find out if we can help you get compensated by Ford.

Warranty Coverage and Recalls

Sometimes, drivers deal with persistent issues without knowing it is covered under the vehicle warranty. In the worst-case scenario, the motor company may have issued a recall for that problem. 

If you’re having transmission problems, check in with your Ford dealership. This way you can confirm if there is warranty coverage or a recall for your F150 10 speed transmission problems. They may offer free repairs and replacements, allowing you to reduce unnecessary costs.

Ford’s Response to the 10-Speed Transmission Problems

So far, the automaker has acknowledged a couple of issues relating to the Ford F150 10 speed transmission. For some, they issued repairs and replacement of faulty parts of the transmission. In other cases, they implemented software updates that corrected these issues in the 10 speed F150. 

Going forward, Ford made it known that they are keen on customer satisfaction. They are trying their best to provide a permanent Ford 10 speed transmission fix. This shows they are ready to pay the price to make everyone happy. So, stay informed about any updates or service bulletins issued by Ford to ensure your vehicle is up to date.

Wrap Up

While the Ford F-150’s 10-speed transmission offers benefits such as improved fuel efficiency and towing capabilities, it’s not perfect. If you’re wondering “has Ford fixed the 10-speed transmission problems?”, the good news is that taking some proactive measures can address or prevent these issues in the first place. 

As we highlighted, regular maintenance, fluid checks, software updates, and seeking professional assistance when needed may be all you need to maintain the optimal performance of your F-150’s transmission. Stay informed and keep up with the latest developments from Ford to ensure a smooth and reliable driving experience with your F-150.

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