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Audi is a German luxury car owned by the Volkswagen Group. In 2016, Audi constructed its first manufacturing plant in North America. Audi’s reputation for manufacturing top-performing luxury cars has turned them into one of the best-selling luxury automobile brands in the world. Audi’s are highly regarded vehicles, but like most other luxury cars they can have common maintenance issues, some of which are unique to Audi. The Audi lemon law attorneys at Quill & Arrow Law have years of experience dealing with the common issues and defects associated with Audi’s sedans, SUV’s, and even supercars. If you have presented your Audi for issues or defects to one of Audi’s authorized repair facilities during the warranty period, you may have rights under California’s lemon law.

Our Audi lemon law attorneys have dealt with issues in all different types of models and styles of Audi vehicles. The following Audi vehicles are subject to California’s lemon law: Audi A3, Audi A4, Audi A5, Audi A6, Audi A7, Audi A8, Audi Q3, Audi Q5, Audi Q7, Audi Q8, Audi e-tron, and Audi R8. 

A few examples of problems/defects reported by Audi owners to our Audi lemon law experts are as follows: 

Electrical Issues/Failures 

Failure of electrical components is a common issue with Audi. Our Audi lemon law attorneys have reviewed various repair orders and have been consulted on the electrical failures prevalent in Audi vehicles. Consumers have reported that the most common problems are failure of the Bluetooth operation, dashboard display or console, erratic lights and failed headlight. Such concerns are usually intermittent by nature and are difficult to diagnose. Like many other European cars, Audi offers sophisticated technology that unfortunately sometimes has software and wiring issues that develop. Our Audi lemon law attorneys have consulted with expert technicians on the following electrical issues: 

  • Defective backup camera
  • Defective parking sensors 
  • Defective lane assist 
  • Defective screen/head unit 
  • Defective key fob 
  • Battery issues
  • Defective Bluetooth 

Excessive Oil Consumption 

 A common sentiment between automakers is adding oil between scheduled intervals is acceptable and part of the normal operation of the car. It is not! The Audi lemon law attorneys at Quill & Arrow law have proven that no consumer should have to carry an extra quart of oil in the trunk of their car.  Simply put, cars under warranty shouldn’t burn oil. Traditionally, the oil-change industry has long prescribed changing your oil every 3,000 miles. In recent years, most automakers have stretched that to 7,500 or even 10,000 miles because of refinements in engine manufacturing and oil technology. If a driver is forced to add a quart of oil once per month, that can mean adding up to 7 to 9 quarts of oil between oil changes. Those costs due to excessive oil consumption can add up. 

In some cases, when confronted by a customer complaint, a manufacturer may have to repair, rebuild, or replace the engine under warranty in order to fix these issues. However, most manufacturers defend the oil consumption as falling within the car’s technical specifications—or they blame the car’s owner for his or her driving habits. Our Audi lemon law attorneys have battled against Audi and other manufacturers regarding the truth of oil consumption. 

Transmission Jerking 

Our Audi lemon law attorneys have heard complaints from consumers regarding transmission slippage. Many times, transmission concerns are accompanied by a check engine light. Transmission jerking and slippage are a serious safety issue that should not be ignored. Unfortunately, these issues have an intermittent nature and sometimes don’t appear at the dealership. As a result, consumer concerns are ignored or categorized by the dealership as a “no problem found” or “can’t duplicate customer concerns.” Fortunately, the Audi lemon law attorneys at Quill & Arrow Law are able to examine faults in dealership diagnosis and still help consumers with their defective vehicles. Our experts and Audi lemon law attorneys have frequently found issues with the transmission relate to faulty TCM/PCM systems, defective clutch, torque converter issues, unsafe fluid levels, and solenoid damage. 

Engine Issues 

One of the most common problems Audi owners experience is the check engine light and engine overheating message. Our Audi lemon law attorneys are familiar with the different trouble codes present in Audi vehicles and fully understand the intricacies of engines/turbos. Our Audi lemon law attorneys have found that these issues can arise from oil leaks, faulty sensors, evap system, ignition modules, injectors, fuel pumps, and engine misfires.

The Quill & Arrow Difference

The Audi lemon law attorneys at Quill & Arrow Law have expert experience understanding the different defects and technical service bulletins associated with Audi vehicles. Our Audi lemon law attorneys have a proven track record of fighting against Audi and defenses to consumer complaints relating to excessive oil consumption and engine failures. 

California’s lemon law requires that a manufacturer have an opportunity to fix your defective vehicle in a reasonable number of repair attempts. When you speak to one of our Audi lemon law attorneys, you will be given an opportunity to discuss your repair order history and experiences with Audi’s authorized repair facilities so that we can appropriately assist you and get you out of your defective vehicle. If your Audi has been subject to any of the above-mentioned issues or others, please call one of our expert Audi lemon law attorneys so that we can show you the Quill & Arrow difference.

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