Riverside Lemon Law Attorney: Protecting Your Consumer Rights

Buying a new car is supposed to be joyful and exciting, but unfortunately for some Riverside car owners it’s anxiety and stress. For those who unknowingly made the mistake of buying a Lemon, simple things like going to work or the grocery store can turn into a nightmare. The good thing, however, is that each state has legal rules protecting car owners from remaining stuck with a defective vehicle. It’s our goal as one of the top lemon law firms in the state to help car owners stand up for their consumer protection rights. Here we’ll explain the Riverside Lemon Law, your rights as a consumer, and what to do when you think you have a lemon. 

What are Lemon Laws?

Lemon Laws are rules and regulations that protect consumers who inadvertently bought a defective vehicle. These problematic cars are commonly referred to as “Lemons” and are even more sour than their namesake. The Riverside Lemon Law applies to these vehicles when they have defects that affect their use, value, or safety. Under this statute, if the manufacturer cannot fix the vehicle after a reasonable number of attempts, they must either replace it or refund the sales price. 

How Do They Work and How are Your Rights Protected? 

In the US, each state has different requirements that must be met to qualify for Lemon Law. Specifically in California, the law covers new vehicle purchases as well as some used ones. If a defect occurs within 18 months or 18,000 miles after the vehicle’s purchase, it typically qualifies for the lemon law. Note that the defect in question must notably impair the vehicle’s use, safety, or value for the car to be considered a lemon. 

The consumer must have allowed the manufacturer a reasonable number of attempts to fix the problem. If they can’t, you can then file a lemon lawsuit requesting resolution through a refund or a replacement vehicle. Enlisting the best Lemon Law attorney Riverside CA has to offer will go a long way to ensure your rights remain protected. 

Understanding Your Rights: What are Consumer Rights?

In simple terms, consumer rights are legal protections covering anyone who has purchased a good or service. When it comes to the Riverside Lemon Law, the intent is to protect vehicle owners and ensure they are treated fairly when navigating the world of defective vehicles.

How To Know If Your Rights Are Being Violated?

If your car fails to meet the standards advertised by the manufacturer, then your rights have been violated. This could be trouble with the engine, transmission, infotainment, suspension, or electrical systems. If the dealer cannot repair the problems afflicting your car, it’s time to exercise your rights. 

You should consider seeking out the best Lemon Law attorney Riverside County has to offer. They will be able to explain in detail what a violation of your rights may entail and how to go about fixing it. 

Are Used Car Owners Also Protected? 

Yes! The Lemon Law in Riverside doesn’t solely protect vehicle owners who bought or leased their car brand new. It also covers those who purchased used vehicles, so long as the car is certified as pre-owned (CPO) by the manufacturer. If the CPO vehicle meets all other lemon eligibility criteria, you can file a lemon claim. 

What To Do If You Purchased a Lemon

When you discover that you’ve bought a lemon, you shouldn’t hesitate to right the wrong. Once your car is deemed a lemon, file a claim against the manufacturer as soon as possible and get your desired compensation. If you don’t know where to begin, reach out to a Riverside Lemon Law attorney at Quill and Arrow and follow the steps listed below: 

  1. Gather the Necessary Paperwork: By paperwork, we mean every document that can support the vehicle’s lemon status. This will include repair orders, invoices, warranty contracts, receipts, etc. Any information that proves that your vehicle is a lemon should be included. If you are confused about what documents are important, reach out to an experienced Lemon Law Lawyer Riverside CA provides for its residents. 
  2. Contact the Manufacturer: Now that you’ve gathered your evidence, it’s time to reach out to the automaker. When you do, make sure to describe the issues in detail. Let them know why you wish to pursue a lawsuit, and what your desired settlement is. This should be in writing so there is undeniable evidence that you informed the manufacturer. 
  3. Seek Legal Assistance: Get a Riverside Lemon Law lawyer if your goal is to receive the maximum amount of compensation available. They will provide clarity on the nuances of the law, helping you to fully understand your rights and how to exercise them. You’ll want a skilled Lemon Law attorney Riverside like any of those at Quill & Arrow, if you want to ensure your consumer rights remain protected and you don’t remain stuck with a lemon. 
  4. Negotiate and Get Settled: This is the beginning of the end of the Lemon Law process. Here, your Riverside County Lemon Law Lawyer will negotiate on your behalf to secure a settlement that reflects the issues you’ve been dealing with. When it comes to negotiations, the manufacturer may try to undermine your case and give you an unfair offer. With an expert attorney, you can confidently turn down unreasonable offers, knowing your case is worth more. 
  5. Litigation May End It: Sometimes the manufacturer refuses to make a reasonable offer. This is when your attorney will take your case to court, suing the automaker for the damages caused by the defective vehicle. In the presence of a jury and judge, your lawyer will argue your case and explain why you deserve more compensation than what the automaker offered. 

At The End Of It All

Finding out that your beloved vehicle is a lemon can be heartbreaking, especially after spending so much money on it. But that doesn’t have to be the end of the story. With the consumer rights that the Riverside Lemon Law provides, you can secure justice for the challenges you’ve faced with your vehicle. All you need to do is understand your rights, present proof of the problems you’ve experienced, and let your Riverside Lemon Law lawyer handle the rest. 

Our lawyers at Quill & Arrow LLP are familiar with the turmoil and frustration of owning a defective vehicle, and we see it as our job to make sure no one has to go through it alone. When you call for your free consultation, we’ll assess your case, determine the best course of action, and deliver the best legal representation you can ask for. Let’s join forces and turn your lemon problems into nothing but a sour memory.

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