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Alfa Romeo Lemon Law Attorney

Alfa Romeo is an Italian luxury vehicle owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA US LLC (formerly known as Chrysler). Alfa Romeo had stopped selling vehicles in the United States but made its long-awaited comeback in late 2008 and were produced in Chrysler’s manufacturing plants in Michigan. Unfortunately, the return of Alfa Romeo has not been pleasant for many consumers as Alfa Romeo has produced some of the most unreliable vehicles. Alfa Romeo has produced an array of vehicles that were produced with serious safety concerns that manifest themselves during the warranty period. The Alfa Romeo lemon law attorneys at Quill & Arrow Law have years of experience dealing with the common issues and defects associated with Alfa Romeo vehicles and other Chrysler related brands. If you have presented your Alfa Romeo for issues or defects to one of Alfa Romero’s authorized repair facilities during the warranty period, you may have rights under California’s lemon law.

Our Alfa Romeo lemon law attorneys have dealt with issues in all different types of models and styles of Alfa Romeo vehicles. The following Alfa Romeo vehicles are subject to California’s lemon law: Alfa Romeo Giulia, Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, and Alfa Romeo Stevio.

While Alfa Romeo offers many features, there are also some problems that are common with the brand.

Common Issues and Defects with Alfa Romeo Vehicles include the following:

  • Defective Sensors
  • Electrical Issues: Alfa Romero’s have been known to exhibit serious electrical issues. Specifically, the car manufacturer has issued a technical service bulletin with the body control module that requires an update in order to make remote start to work.)
  • Suspension
  • Check Engine Light: One of the most common problems Alfa Romeo owners experience is the check engine light and engine overheating message. Our Alfa Romeo lemon law attorneys are familiar with the different trouble codes present in Alfa Romeo vehicles and fully understand the intricacies of engines/turbos. These issues can shoot as a result of the oil leaks, faulty sensors, engine misfires, evap system, ignition modules, injectors, or fuel pumps.
  • Chattering Noise While Steering: Common to the Giulia, Alfa Romeo vehicles has exhibited serious chattering noises from the front suspension. In fact, our Alfa Romeo lemon law attorneys have determined that Alfa Romeo issued a technical service bulletin (TSB) 02-003-17 for this complaint.
  • Brake Issues: Resulting from the variety of brake related complaints, our Alfa Romeo lemon law attorneys have determined that Alfa Romeo issued technical service bulletin (TSB) 05-004-17, which tries to correct an issue where the brake pad wear sensors may get disconnected.
  • Stop/Start System>
  • Air Conditioning
  • Transmission Slippage/Jerking: Our Alfa Romeo lemon law attorneys have researched the complaints associated with transmission slippage and have found that Alfa Romeo issued service bulletin 21-032-17 to address transmission jerking and to correct a condition where customers are experiencing bumping or jerking after a Start/Stop event. The TSB involves the reprogramming of the transmission control module. Unfortunately, performing this TSB only focuses on reprogramming and the authorized facility usually neglects to test drive the vehicle.) Many consumers have expressed transmission slippage concerns regarding their Alfa Romeo. Many times, transmission concerns are accompanied by a check engine light. Transmission jerking and slippage are a serious safety issue that should not be ignored. Unfortunately, these issues have an intermittent nature and sometimes don’t appear at the dealership. As a result, consumer concerns are ignored or categorized by the dealership as a “no problem found” or “can’t duplicate customer concerns.” Fortunately, our Alfa Romeo lemon law attorneys’ fees are able to examine faults in dealership diagnosis and still help consumers with their defective vehicles. Issues with the transmission relate to faulty TCM/PCM systems, defective clutch, torque converter issues, unsafe fluid levels, and solenoid damage.
  • Coolant Hose Retainer
  • Powertrain
  • Engine Issues
  • Turbo Issues

The Quill & Arrow Difference

If your Alfa Romeo vehicle has been presented to an Alfa Romeo authorized repair facility on one or more occasions during the warranty period, you may have rights under the California lemon law. The Alfa Romeo lemon law attorneys at Quill & Arrow Law have expert experience understanding the different defects and technical service bulletins associated with Alfa Romeo vehicles.

Whether its technical service bulletins for brakes, steering, or transmission slippage, our Alfa Romeo lemon law understand the history of these inherent problems to demonstrate Alfa Romero’s inability to properly address and confirm your vehicle to its factory warranty.

California’s lemon law requires that a manufacturer have an opportunity to fix your defective vehicle in a reasonable number of repair attempts. When you speak to one of our Alfa Romeo lemon law attorneys, you will be given an opportunity to discuss your repair order history and experiences with Alfa Romero’s authorized repair facilities so that we can appropriately assist you and get you out of your defective vehicle. If your Alfa Romeo has been subject to any of the above-mentioned issues or others, please call one of our expert Alfa Romeo lemon law attorneys so that we can show you the Quill & Arrow difference.


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