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Quill and Arrow is a law firm dedicated to providing lemon law services to California residents who own or lease defective vehicles. We are a lemon law attorney San Bernardino firm made up of qualified and tested attorneys who have the experience and persistence required to take on large auto manufacturers.

We stand up for those that feel helpless, hopeless, and stuck with a defective vehicle. With our team’s help, the legal process will feel like a breeze as we guide you through the process, from gathering evidence to support your claim to deciding on the compensation that’s right for you.


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What Rights Do San Bernardino Consumers Have?

Here at Quill and Arrow, we believe that it’s our responsibility to educate the client. You should understand your rights as a San Bernardino consumer, as dictated by the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act. The lemon law ensures that manufacturers don’t get away with producing subpar vehicles. When San Bernardino consumers find that their vehicle is a lemon, it’s time to assert their rights.

Under state laws, purchasers of defective vehicles can sue the manufacturer in court for selling them a lemon. The manufacturer would then have to provide a replacement or a refund. While securing legal aid isn’t mandatory, it is typically best to hire a San Bernardino lemon law attorney in order to maximize the chances of success. Your attorney will fight to ensure that your rights are protected. The best part, with Quill and Arrow you won’t pay any attorney fees. Quill and Arrow works on contingency, meaning you owe nothing if we lose, and if we win the manufacturer pays your legal fees on your behalf.

San Bernardino Lemon Law Attorneys Proudly Serving The Community

We at Quill and Arrow Law are your best bet at getting the compensation you deserve. Time and time again we have stood up against these large corporations and represented our clients’ interests in court. Since we align our success with our clients’, we are invested in their case and fight for the maximum compensation available.

Our lawyers have dedicated their careers to helping California residents achieve peace of mind through the lemon law. When looking for a lemon law attorney in San Bernardino California, our clients know that they can always ask questions and get a hold of the attorneys at Quill and Arrow.

What Our Clients Say

Thank you Kevin and your amazing team for helping me and my family stay safe by getting rid of the flatly car we were sold.

Kevin C.

When no one wanted to take my case. They took my case and fought for it. My experience with Quill & Arrow is 5 [stars] and would recommend.

Adriana S.

Fantastic attorneys! Did a great job on my case! My car was a lemon and they helped me get my money back and then some.

Andrea P.

They are very professional, they help you out in any problem with your car. I totally recommend them.

Diana M.

Quill & Arrow is an excellent law firm, and was extremely helpful in solving our lemon law case. Quill & Arrow’s team is kind, smart, and persistent, and we’re so glad we went with them!

Burke D.

From my initial contact to the final settlement the process was smooth and easy. They maintained contact throughout my case and got me a settlement which was more than fair. Thank you Q & A for all your help.

Shane R.

I had lemon law car and this firm/attorney was very helpful and helped me win my case! Absolutely recommend them to anyone. They handle your case very diligently.

Azka F.

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The first step every lemon car owner should take is to gain a thorough understanding of the Lemon Law process, and this is what our San Bernardino lemon law attorney team is all about. We know how frustrating it is when there’s something wrong with your vehicle, especially when it seems like there’s no end in sight. We work closely with our clients to make sure they know their rights and ensure they make informed decisions at each stage of their claim.

Quill and Arrow attorneys have a reputation within the courtroom as capable and persistent litigators. Every manufacturer we’ve gone up against knows that we understand the law and will do everything in our power to help resolve our clients’ woes. We won’t stop until we’ve secured compensation in the form of a refund, replacement, or cash settlement.

Do you have any questions or want to speak with a lemon law attorney at our firm? We’re only a call away! Call us at 310-933-4271. You can always fill out a form to schedule a free appointment with us. We look forward to working with you!

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