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Have you ever heard someone refer to a vehicle as a lemon? Is your vehicle showing signs of defects that can’t be fixed, indicating that it might be a lemon? If so, you might need to speak with a reputable Riverside County lemon law lawyer and begin the journey to resolve your lemon situation. But how do you find the right lawyer for your case?
Your solution might be closer than you think. At Quill and Arrow LLP, we make it our duty to bring all manufacturers of defective vehicles to justice. We have the experience required to stand up to large corporations and protect our clients rights with confidence.
To tackle the automakers and receive compensation, all that consumers need is knowledge of the Riverside lemon law and an experienced Riverside lemon law attorney. Our firm offers a chance to maximize the compensation available through the Lemon Law. When pursuing a settlement on the client’s behalf, we first investigate their claims to determine eligibility. Once qualified, we’ll submit a claim on your behalf and fight to procure the compensation you rightfully deserve. Our main goal is to bring all our clients peace of mind.


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What Rights Do Riverside Consumers Have?

Under the Riverside Lemon Law, consumers have the right to a safe and reliable vehicle. If they purchase a new or CPO vehicle plagued with defects, they have a right to compensation from the manufacturer. This compensation can come in different forms including a refund, a cash settlement, or a replacement, but it doesn’t end there. The manufacturer also has to cover the costs of the consumer hiring a Riverside lemon law lawyer. This means you can pursue your case without any out-of-pocket costs.

Riverside Lemon Law Attorneys Proudly Serving The Community

Every Quill and Arrow lemon law lawyer residing in Riverside, CA gets to know their client and helps safeguard their rights. By using our years of experience in taking on the automakers, we can forge ahead with confidence and determination. We’re familiar with what wins cases and can tell you your chances of securing compensation. It doesn’t matter what the defect is, so long as it impacts the use, safety, and performance of the car.

With our strategic approach to the lemon law, we help our clients navigate the legal terrain. If you ever need the services of a reputable lemon law lawyer, just stop by our ‘lemon law attorney Riverside, CA’ office. Our firm will work with you and explain your options in terms you can understand.

Feel free to employ our services available to California residents throughout Riverside, Inland Empire, Corona, Temecula, Moreno Valley, Hemet, Lake Elsinore, Lake Elsinore, and Marietta County.

What Our Clients Say

Thank you Kevin and your amazing team for helping me and my family stay safe by getting rid of the flatly car we were sold.

Kevin C.

When no one wanted to take my case. They took my case and fought for it. My experience with Quill & Arrow is 5 [stars] and would recommend.

Adriana S.

Fantastic attorneys! Did a great job on my case! My car was a lemon and they helped me get my money back and then some.

Andrea P.

They are very professional, they help you out in any problem with your car. I totally recommend them.

Diana M.

Quill & Arrow is an excellent law firm, and was extremely helpful in solving our lemon law case. Quill & Arrow’s team is kind, smart, and persistent, and we’re so glad we went with them!

Burke D.

From my initial contact to the final settlement the process was smooth and easy. They maintained contact throughout my case and got me a settlement which was more than fair. Thank you Q & A for all your help.

Shane R.

I had lemon law car and this firm/attorney was very helpful and helped me win my case! Absolutely recommend them to anyone. They handle your case very diligently.

Azka F.

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Here at Quill & Arrow, our team of attorneys has extensive experience working with Lemon Law plaintiffs, helping them to secure compensation in the form of a refund, replacement, or cash settlement. We understand the unique frustrations facing those who have suffered through having purchased a defective vehicle, and are committed to serving our clients in a way that alleviates the burden of litigation and simplifies the process.

Unlike many of our competitors, we are capable litigators who have built our careers in the courtroom. We take an aggressive stance on Lemon Law claims, and push defendants to respond to our arguments — by doing so, we put them in a vulnerable position and gain an advantage during negotiations.

Ready to speak to a skilled Riverside lemon law attorney at our firm? Call us at 310-933-4271 or complete an intake form to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to helping you move forward with your claims.

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