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Quill & Arrow Law is a client-centric firm that boasts some of the best lemon law attorneys in Los Angeles. Our commitment stems from the fact that we know how frustrating owning a lemon vehicle can be. Our top lemon law attorneys offer their legal services to individuals facing this frustrating situation. Our goal is to make sure that throughout the process, our clients have an expert California lemon lawyer by their side every step of the way.
We are a team made up of the best lemon lawyers California has to offer, dedicated to representing consumers when going up against the large automakers. It doesn’t matter how big the corporation is, we will happily take them on. Out of all of the lemon lawyers Los Angeles has to offer, our team has the experience necessary to deal with these automakers. Between our skills, knowledge, and the lemon law in Los Angeles, we have succeeded in bringing major manufacturers to justice time and time again. If you’re looking for some of the best lemon law lawyers in Southern California, look no further than Quill and Arrow.
At Quill & Arrow Law, our experienced Los Angeles lemon law lawyers dedicate our practice to representing consumers against large auto manufacturers. Our Attorneys have years of experience in successfully handling lemon law claims against the following manufacturers in the Los Angeles Superior Court:
Our Los Angeles lemon law attorneys understand the lemon law process and what it takes to maximize your recovery after being sold a defective vehicle. We are hard-hitting advocates for consumers in California with the commitment, resources, and results you need to fight for your future. Call our office today to discuss your situation in more detail with one of our Los Angeles lemon law lawyers or trained legal staff, at no cost or obligation.

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What Rights Do Los Angeles Consumers Have?

Within Los Angeles, there are many different California lemon law services ready to protect and defend consumers like you. Every lemon law attorney Southern California has certified understands that the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act affords certain rights to purchasers of defective vehicles. However, it takes a certain level of experience and determination to pursue and secure the maximum compensation available to our clients. Your Los Angeles lemon law lawyer should be able to tell you in the first consultation if your vehicle is defective and if you have a strong case.

Once the vehicle is found to be a lemon, the consumer has the right to pursue legal action under the lemon law Los Angeles adheres to. If you want the compensation you deserve, you should look for the best lemon law attorney Los Angeles can provide. Any lemon law lawyer in Los Angeles can promise results, but do they have a proven track record to back it up? Are they invested in your success? For top-notch representation, consider the expert lemon law lawyers Los Angeles has available at Quill & Arrow Law. We will stand up against the manufacturers and secure you a refund, a replacement or a cash settlement. Whatever option you pick, the manufacturer pays our lemon lawyer Los Angeles fees as well. If we’re keeping count, that’s a proven track record, a personalized experience, and no legal fees. When you have to choose one of the many lemon law attorneys Los Angeles California is home to, why would you go anywhere else?

If you are entitled to compensation under California Lemon Law regulations, then you may choose to either have the manufacturer provide a replacement vehicle, or to have the manufacturer refund the vehicle and reimburse you for various related losses. With respect to reimbursement, compensation may include:

  • Cost of repairs
  • Loss of use
  • Value of time spent on attempting to correct defects
  • Down payment
  • Monthly payments
  • Taxes and registration fees
  • Incidental expenses (i.e., cost of rental)
  • Attorneys’ fees
  • And more

California Lemon Law Attorneys Proudly Serving Los Angeles

When you are looking for a Los Angeles Lemon Law attorney, the attorneys at Quill and Arrow law have years of combined experience taking on auto dealerships and car manufacturers in Los Angeles.

Founders Kevin Jacobson and Jonathan Shirian know Los Angles through personal experience. Both were born and raised in Los Angeles and are graduates of the University of Los Angeles (U.C.L.A) and Loyola Law School. Needless to say, our Los Angeles Lemon Law Attorneys understand, appreciate, and work for the people of Los Angeles.

Our attorney’s have personal experience with the dealerships in Downtown Los Angeles, Keys in Van Nuys, Santa Monica, Alhambra, Pasadena, and Beverly Hills and have knowledge of the dealership’s polices and procedures.

What Our Clients Say

Thank you Kevin and your amazing team for helping me and my family stay safe by getting rid of the flatly car we were sold.

Kevin C.

When no one wanted to take my case. They took my case and fought for it. My experience with Quill & Arrow is 5 [stars] and would recommend.

Adriana S.

Fantastic attorneys! Did a great job on my case! My car was a lemon and they helped me get my money back and then some.

Andrea P.

They are very professional, they help you out in any problem with your car. I totally recommend them.

Diana M.

Quill & Arrow is an excellent law firm, and was extremely helpful in solving our lemon law case. Quill & Arrow’s team is kind, smart, and persistent, and we’re so glad we went with them!

Burke D.

From my initial contact to the final settlement the process was smooth and easy. They maintained contact throughout my case and got me a settlement which was more than fair. Thank you Q & A for all your help.

Shane R.

I had lemon law car and this firm/attorney was very helpful and helped me win my case! Absolutely recommend them to anyone. They handle your case very diligently.

Azka F.

Contact Quill & Arrow For Guidance

Here at Quill & Arrow Law, our Los Angeles Lemon Law Attorney’s have extensive experience working with plaintiffs in Lemon Law disputes. Over the years, we have developed keen insights into the challenges and opportunities facing plaintiffs in the Lemon Law context, and we understand what is necessary to secure and maximize the potential damages for our clients.

By way of example, we engage Lemon Law disputes aggressively — instead of muddling around in pre-litigation, we immediately sue in order to put the defendant in a vulnerable negotiating position. We find that this strategy gives our clients a competitive advantage over the course of litigation, as they have significant leverage when it comes to bargaining for compensation.

Ready to speak to a skilled Los Angeles lemon law attorney at Quill & Arrow? Call us at 661-762-4091 or complete an online intake form through our website to set up a free consultation.

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