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If you have purchased a car that is defective to such an extent that you have made several attempts to repair it, but it is still experiencing problems, then you may be entitled to compensation under California’s Lemon Law regulations. Though the general public is vaguely aware of the existence of such protections, most do not realize that their used car purchase might also be covered by the same laws.

Let’s take a closer look.

Used Cars May Qualify for Lemon Law Protection

Manufacturer’s Warranty Still Applicable

As a general rule, if a warranty is still in effect when you purchase your vehicle, then you are entitled to default protection under California’s Lemon Law — this warranty can either be provided by the manufacturer or the dealer. The warranty does not have to be the original one that was provided to the first purchaser. So long as there is an active warranty (even if it was resold with a new warranty after a number of years), Lemon Law protections will apply to the purchased vehicle.

It’s worth noting that purchasers are still required to make reasonable attempts to repair the defects at-issue, just the same as with a “new” vehicle. In many other respects, too, Lemon Law requirements and protections will apply. For example, the same vehicle categories are covered — whether used or new. California Used Car Lemon Law covers vehicles that are purchased primarily for personal, family, or household use, as well as commercial use (but only if the vehicle weighs less than 10,000 lbs).

Car Sold As-Is

Purchasing a vehicle as-is means that the purchaser takes on full responsibility for potential defects (i.e., “buyer beware”). Naturally, a used car that is sold as-is will not qualify for California Lemon Law protection.

If you’ve purchased a used car as-is, however, all is not necessarily lost — if the seller did not properly market the car as-is, or otherwise disclose that information to you when you purchased the vehicle, then they may not escape application of Lemon Law regulations.

Contact Quill & Arrow Law for a Free Consultation

Here at Quill & Arrow, our team of attorneys has extensive experience working with Lemon Law plaintiffs, helping them to secure compensation in the form of a refund, replacement, or cash settlement. We understand the unique frustrations facing those who have suffered through having purchased a defective vehicle, and are committed to serving our clients in a way that alleviates the burden of litigation and simplifies the process.

Unlike many of our competitors, we are capable litigators who have built our careers in the courtroom. We take an aggressive stance on Lemon Law claims, and push defendants to respond to our arguments — by doing so, we put them in a vulnerable position and gain an advantage during negotiations.

Ready to speak to a skilled Riverside lemon law attorney at our firm? Call us at 310-933-4271 or complete an intake form to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to helping you move forward with your claims.

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