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Category: Lemon Law

Nissan’s Latest Class Action Lawsuit – What You Need to Know About Nissan’s Automatic Emergency Braking

Fri 24th Jun, 2022 by in Blog

According to multiple class action lawsuits, Nissan has equipped several of its vehicle models with faulty and defective automatic emergency braking systems that pose a serious concern to owners, leading to a massive scare for Nissan owners. Known as “Forward Emergency Braking” in 2015, it was renamed in 2018 to […]

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Nissan Recall – Nissan Facing Lawsuit Over Defective Brake System

Thu 27th Jan, 2022 by in Blog

According to the reports, certain 2017 and newer Nissan model vehicles, equipped with special AES/FCW systems are malfunctioning, leading to the vehicles stopping and braking unexpectedly for no plausible reasons. AES/FCW, which stands for Automatic Emergency Braking and Forward Collision Warning systems are safety features designed to detect obstacles and […]

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