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If you’re a car owner in Riverside and you think you have a lemon, you’ll want an expert attorney by your side. This is because the lemon law journey is a labyrinth of legalese, qualifiers, and documents. Without proper guidance, you may fall into the bottomless pit of negotiating with a manufacturer that has no intention of paying what your case is worth. If you find yourself with a lemon, you’ll want an experienced Riverside Lemon Law Lawyer to serve as your rock, giving you something to lean on when the going gets tough. 


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In this article, we look at some of the best lawyers in Riverside and how they’re different from your general practice attorneys. Let’s dive in! 

Who are the Best Riverside Lemon Law Attorneys at Quill & Arrow LLP? 

This is a challenging question to answer because our team boasts an elite squad of talented Riverside Lemon Lawyers. As such, we cannot pinpoint anyone as the best, but for the sake of our readers, we have listed a few of our top performing lawyers below: 

Kevin Y. Jacobson, Esq. 

Kevin Jacobson represents clients as a proud Riverside Lemon Law attorney at Quill & Arrow LLP. With hundreds of successful lemon law resolutions and over $100 million won in settlement amendments, Jacobson’s expertise in California lemon law is arguably unrivaled. As a result of Jacobson’s invaluable efforts and talents, Quill and Arrow LLP has become a household name among lemon law firms throughout California. 

A quick look at his academic history shows that he graduated with a Juris Doctor degree as part of the top 25% of his class from Loyola Law School. He also received several awards and accolades before proceeding to his legal training at a prestigious consumer protection firm in LA. This academic prowess has helped him become a top Riverside County Lemon Law Lawyer and earned him a reputation for never backing down against even the largest auto manufacturers. 

Kevin understands that it’s not just about getting through the legal process; while the vehicle history is important, we never forget that it’s the client who’s going through these challenges and frustrations. Kevin takes it upon himself to ensure that each client feels comfortable and heard as he strives to protect their rights and well-being.  

Jonathan Shirian, Esq. 

Being a co-founder and managing partner at Quill & Arrow has taught Jonathon a lot. It requires dedication, consistency, and a skillset that only top lawyers possess. Jonathan Shirian has spent his years practicing Riverside Lemon Law and standing up for the rights of car owners. In only a few short years of being a legal practitioner, Jonathan has built a five-star team of lawyers and the best paralegal staff in the region. His goal with every case is to be the very best Lemon Law attorney Riverside CA can offer. 

He studied History at UCLA before getting his Juris Doctorate in 2016 from Southwestern Law School. Having proven his expertise and knowledge in his field, Jonathan has a license from the Supreme Court of California to practice. 

The best leaders have usually served in the position they govern, and Jonathan’s experience is no different. He has practiced as a lemon law attorney, a personal injury litigator, and a business litigation advocate, proving himself in the courtroom over and over again. Jonathan has no problem going the extra mile for his clients, making him a great asset when the manufacturers try to push back. 

Andrew Jung, Esq. 

With a passion for advocating for those in dire need of legal representation, Andrew Jung is a Senior Trial Counsel at Quill & Arrow LLP. He began his career as a law clerk at Zimmerman & Kahanowitch. While working there, Andrew honed his skill in crafting creative arguments to resolve cases. His ability to provide alternative but promising legal solutions made him a shining star at the firm. As a result, he began to stand out among his peers in the lemon law field. 

He then moved on to his tenure at the Law Offices of Howard Silber where he secured awards for clients in compensation cases, sometimes winning as much as $600,000 on their behalf. This is evidence of Andrew’s keen eye for detail and his ability to maximize compensation for his clients. 

With his unwavering dedication to seeking justice and a track record to back it up, Andre Jung soon found his way to our firm. As a proud Riverside Lemon Law lawyer he has been a valuable addition to the team. 

Matthew Treybig, Esq.  

Matthew Treybig is another standout star of the legal team. He is a senior associate at Quill & Arrow LLP and specializes in consumer protection cases, particularly Riverside Lemon Law cases. Matthew graduated from Western State College of Law, receiving multiple honorary awards and serving as a judicial extern at the Central Justice Center. Incorporating this academic experience and impressive work ethic, Matthew has helped many of our clients get the Lemon Law compensation they deserved. 

Harry Terzian, Esq. 

Harry Terzian is a skilled Associate Attorney who believes in exercising one’s rights and standing up for justice. He brings a fresh perspective to the Quill & Arrow team with his commitment to continuously honing his legal skills. He’s always up to date on any changes in the laws or case qualifiers and helps to keep the team current in all things lemon law. 


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Criteria Used In Ranking the Best Riverside Lawyers at Quill & Arrow

Now that you know you have access to the best Lemon Law Lawyer Riverside CA has to offer, here are some of the factors we considered in determining who the best Lemon Law litigators are:

  1. Knowledge and Experience: Why choose a lawyer who knows nothing about Lemon Law? It’s like cooking without a chef. Every Lemon Law attorney Riverside County offers should have a deep knowledge of the law, but are they well-versed in its nuances? Do they know how to make a good case? And do they know how to secure the best settlement each case deserves? 
  2. Reviews and Reputation: Reviews and feedback from past clients say a lot about the lawyer. They provide insight into how seriously the lawyer takes each case and their track record of winning lemon law cases. 
  3. Fee Structure: We considered the fees of filing a lawsuit. Our lawyers understand that it’s not your fault for having a lemon on your hands, and as a result, we make sure you don’t suffer the financial burden by yourself. We work on a contingency basis, meaning we only get paid when we win your case.

Get the Best Lawyers on Your Side

To make sure you’re getting the best lawyers on your side, go for a quick consultation and see for yourself. Our top lawyers at Quill & Arrow are always ready for a chat to get to know you and your case. We’ll give you suggestions and explain everything from filing a case to the negotiations in order to get the best compensation possible. If you believe you own a lemon, get rid of it and get the compensation you deserve. It’s your right as a Riverside resident!

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