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Pay Nothing Until We Win!

When Nicholas Yowarski was 9 years old, his parents bought a car. Its model name need not be mentioned here. From the moment the new car pulled into his driveway, it emitted a strange vibration accompanied by a loud humming sound. This sound became the vehicles calling card, along with the fact that it was entirely unreliable in all ways.

It would break down at least once a month with some new, expensive problem. The engine, the transmission – nothing worked. The number of times a young Nicholas was forced to walk along dangerous highways at night or was left stranded in the middle of nowhere with his parents is incalculable to this day. This constant hardship forged into Nicholas a burning desire to make sure that no one else would ever suffer that way.

Thus he began his legal education. After graduating with High Honors from the University of Florida, he went to New York and spent years honing the skills he would need to become an effective litigator. After that, he received his Juris Doctorate from Southwestern Law School. After working for a personal injury firm, he made his way to Quill and Arrow, where as an Associate Attorney in the Lemon Law department, he is finally able to use his skills to protect people from being saddled with the same kinds of dangerous and defective cars that he spent so many years being tormented by.

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