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Just because a manufacturer is considered luxury doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to function perfectly. If you’re a BMW owner, you may find yourself driving a defective car despite numerous repair attempts. If this is the case, it’s possible that you’re entitled to a buyback under the BMW Lemon Law. The purpose of lemon laws is to protect consumers after purchasing cars that turn out to be defective. 

In this article, we will discuss the BMW Lemon Law buyback. Here, you will learn how to determine if you qualify and the steps to follow to get your BMW buyback.

What is the BMW Lemon Law?

The BMW Lemon Law protects vehicle owners from the burden of owning a defective car. This problem must impair the car’s use, value, or safety. If the problem cannot be fixed after a reasonable number of attempts, the consumer may qualify for a refund or a replacement vehicle.

Qualifying for a BMW Lemon Law Buyback

To qualify for a BMW Lemon Law buyback, you must meet certain conditions. First, the car should have a substantial defect that impairs its use, value, or safety. The defect should be apparent despite reasonable repair attempts.

Next, the vehicle must still be under warranty. This could be the original manufacturer’s warranty, or it could be an extended warranty purchased separately. If the warranty has expired, you may not qualify for the BMW buyback program.

Third, you should have notified BMW or an authorized dealer of the issue. You should have given them adequate time to address the problem. This usually has to do with allowing a reasonable number of attempts or time to repair the defect.

Lastly, confirm that the defect still persists after the repair attempts. The defect(s) should be detailed in repair invoices or other documentation provided by the BMW repair shop.

Steps to Follow if You Qualify for a BMW Lemon Law Buyback

If you believe that your car qualifies for the BMW buyback, there are specific steps that you should follow. These steps include:

1. Gather Documentation

The first step is to gather all documentation related to your BMW. This includes repair invoices and maintenance logs. Also be sure to include all vehicle registration documents and warranty information. These documents will be necessary to establish that you qualify for a buyback under the BMW Lemon Law.

2. Notify BMW of the Defect

Before taking legal action, it is important to reach out to BMW. You could also reach out to an authorized dealer to notify them of the defect(s) in your car. The manufacturer or dealer should have an opportunity to fix the problem before you attempt to file a claim under the BMW Lemon Law.

3. Consult with a Lemon Law Attorney

It is vital to consult with an experienced lemon law attorney like those at Quill and Arrow LLP. Their attorneys will review your documentation and assess the strength of your claim. They will advise you on the procedures you need to follow. By doing so, you can ensure that your claim is successful.

4. File a Claim

If the repair attempts have been unsuccessful, you may proceed with filing a claim under the BMW Lemon Law. You could also do this if notifying BMW or its authorized dealer yields no result. You will need to file the claim with the state’s consumer protection agency or sue the manufacturer directly.

5. Negotiate a Buyback

If your claim is successful, the manufacturer may have to repurchase your vehicle. The compensation may include the full purchase price, taxes, and registration fees and any other expenses associated with the purchase. 

Alternatively, the manufacturer may offer a replacement vehicle. While this is generally less sought after, your lemon law attorney will negotiate the best possible settlement for you.

6. Buyback Completed

Once they have completed negotiations, the automakers and your attorney will reach an agreement to repurchase your BMW. This is when the manufacturers will file the remaining paperwork and complete the BMW buyback process. They will take over possession of the vehicle and provide the agreed compensation.

Benefits of a BMW Lemon Law Buyback

A BMW Lemon Law buyback has several benefits for the consumer. First, it provides an opportunity to get rid of a defective or unsafe car. This allows you to move on and invest in a car that serves your needs.

Second, it offers a financial payout for the purchase price of the car and associated expenses. This can help you recover your losses and invest in a new vehicle.

Finally, a BMW Lemon Law buyback protects the consumer from purchasing defective vehicles in the future. By suing the manufacturer, you send a message that they need to adhere to consumer safety standards and ensure that all the products they provide are of the highest quality.

Summing It Up

If you are the owner of a lemon BMW, the buyback program offers the perfect solution for you as a lemon owner. It helps you get rid of the defective car and compensates you for any losses, allowing you to invest in a new, functioning car. 

If you believe you qualify for the BMW Lemon Law buyback, take the necessary steps listed above. Gather the necessary documentation and notify BMW of the defect. You can then consult with a lemon law attorney, file a claim, and negotiate the buyback. Take steps to protect your rights as a consumer and send a message to the manufacturers so that consumer safety does not get compromised. 

You don’t have to do this alone. With Quill and Arrow LLP you can get guidance on how to go about getting your BMW refunded or replaced. Reach out to an attorney today and get started. 

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Will BMW Buy Back My Car If I Prove It’s A Lemon?

BMW will only buy back your car if you have enough proof of its defects. As such, make sure you keep all receipts, work orders, and used parts from each of your repair visits.

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