Sacramento Lemon Law Attorney Shares Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Case

Imagine the feeling of finally buying your dream car only to have it become your main source of frustration and stress. It’s in and out of the dealership, you’re paying for repairs that don’t fix anything, and you’re missing out on things because you’re not sure if your vehicle is safe to drive. It sounds like a lot, right? Now imagine you found a way to get rid of your problematic vehicle, but a simple mistake might mean you’re out of luck. Unfortunately, this latter scenario plays out for many Sacramento residents who own a lemon. 

These missteps can be avoided with a skilled Sacramento Lemon Law attorney by your side. Some lemon car owners believe they can navigate the path on their own, only to find the process long, complicated, and frustrating as the manufacturer has legal teams trained to stall and lowball settlement offers. 

In this article, we’ll list common mistakes to avoid and explain the benefits of finding a skilled Lemon Lawyer Sacramento firm like Quill & Arrow LLP. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Mistake 1 – Waiting Too Long to Take Action

One of the most critical errors any lemon car owner can make is waiting too long to take action. This is because the Lemon Law in Sacramento has an accompanying statute of limitations, covering only those car problems that occurred within the first 18 months or 18,000 miles of ownership. Car owners who keep procrastinating, thinking they have more time, may end up outside the limitations of the law, losing their legal right to file a lemon claim. 

Even if you don’t fall out of the statute of limitations, the consequences of delayed action are many, including losing critical evidence, existing evidence becoming less reliable, and a weakened lemon law claim. 

Mistake 2 – Failing to Keep Detailed Records

Many people dealing with defective vehicles are unaware that documentation is the foundation of a strong lemon law case. The importance of detailed records should not be underestimated, as they prove why your claim is valid. Without meticulous paperwork, the dealer can easily discard your case as unmerited since you have no records to support your claim. 

For this reason, you should keep detailed records of your car troubles. Note every defect, describe it in detail, write down the dates each defect occurs, and record the attempts made by the dealer to repair it. Also, include your vehicle’s warranty information, repair orders, invoices, and any communication you may have had with the dealer. 

Mistake 3 – Attempting DIY Repairs and Ignoring “Minute” Problems

You may decide that it’s not worth driving to the dealership and dealing with the scheduling and loaner cars, especially if the problem seems minor. In this instance, you may decide that fixing the issue on your own is the best way to go. Well put that wrench down, because performing DIY repairs is never a good option on a newer car. You may void your vehicle’s warranty in the process or end up making it harder for the dealer’s mechanic to diagnose and fix the original issue. You also lose out on a repair order that can strengthen your case. If you eventually file a claim against the manufacturer, they may use this as an excuse to deflect blame. 

No problem is too small for the dealer to fix. Don’t lose the opportunity to document early signs of a potential lemon. That minor issue may just be the sign of more severe problems yet to come. Don’t ignore car problems, but this isn’t the time to take your cars future into your own hands. 

Mistake 4 – Lacking a Deep Understanding of the Lemon Law

Most Sacramento residents have little to no understanding of the lemon law. As such, they may have misconceptions and assumptions about what the law really entails and what rights they have. One popular assumption is thinking all vehicles qualify; this is far from true. Not every defective car is a lemon; it must meet certain criteria first before qualifying. This is why you want the best Lemon Law Lawyer Sacramento offers, so you can know if your specific car qualifies under the Lemon Law. 

Additionally, the “reasonable number of repair attempts” needed to prove your claim is pretty ambiguous. An experienced attorney will be clear about what this means in your particular state and they’ll consider the nature of the defect and your vehicle. 

Mistake 5 – Failing to Seek Expert Legal Counsel

Oftentimes, owners of defective vehicles believe they already know about the Lemon law and fail to seek expert opinions. This is a grave mistake for the following reasons:

  • Complex Landscape: Lemon law is fraught with intricacies and complexities. As a result, you need a lawyer who knows the legal nuances and how it applies to your case. 
  • Case Evaluation: An experienced Sacramento Lemon Law attorney can assess your claim and its strength. They will determine if your case has merit and develop the best course of action to ensure victory. 
  • Experienced Negotiation: Negotiating a settlement offer is best done with the help of a lemon lawyer. Manufacturers can offer you a low settlement hoping you’re tired of waiting for compensation. With an expert lawyer, you can secure a better outcome for your case. 

Mistake 6 – Accepting Offers Without Proper Consideration

We can’t deny it—the stress of constantly dealing with a lemon vehicle is enough to make anyone jump at any offer, but this can be a costly mistake, considering initial offers are often lower than what you deserve. Manufacturers like to do this because they understand the psychology at play and like to use it to their benefit. 

Never fall into the trap of accepting the first offer they give you. First, consider your case and determine how much additional compensation you want for things like rental fees, towing costs, etc. Also, remember that each settlement has a corresponding tax implication, so consider that as well. You can’t be afraid to negotiate for a higher price. 

Mistake 7 – Not Getting Your Settlement in Writing

Verbal agreements are equivalent to no agreement, especially in a lemon lawsuit. This is why you should always insist on getting everything in writing. Don’t ignore any aspect of your settlement—write everything down. Make sure you and your attorney scrutinize written agreements before signing so you’re not cheated out of a fair settlement. 

What To Do When Building a Case

When building a Lemon Law case, make sure you don’t repeat any of the above mistakes. A proactive approach and keen attention to detail often determine the strength of a lemon law case. Here are the things you need to do right:

  • Act quickly! Don’t procrastinate in gathering docs or filing a claim. 
  • Keep diligent records of all repairs, repair orders, invoices, and warranty contracts. 
  • Report every issue to the dealer and only use manufacturer-certified dealerships.
  • Seek legal aid and always negotiate first before filing a lawsuit
  • Get your settlement on paper and review all documents before signing

Quill & Arrow LLP, Helping You Do Things the Right Way

Doing things right in the right order makes all the difference when building a Lemon Law case. With our broad lemon law experience and expertise in Sacramento, we understand what it takes to build a solid claim. We have helped many clients avoid legal pitfalls, and we can do the same for you. 

If you’re looking for the best Lemon Law attorney Sacramento CA has to offer, look no further than Quill and Arrow LLP. We’ll help you navigate the legal process and gather evidence, so when it’s time to negotiate, we do so from a position of strength. Let’s take your fight to the manufacturer and make them answer for their defective vehicles. The sooner you start, the sooner you could be back on the road in a reliable vehicle!

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