What Problems Does The VW Atlas Have?

Buying your brand-new car is one of the most exciting things in life. There is no greater moment than the one when you finally sit in your dream car for which you have saved money for years. One of the most popular cars due to its appearance and quality is Volkswagen Atlas, therefore if you own one of these, stay with us cause we are going to tell you everything one car owner should know about when it comes to VW Atlas problems.

This car is also known as Volkswagen Teramont outside of the US. It is relatively new since it was first introduced to us in 2016 at the LA Auto show. The primary thing that distinguishes VW Atlas from other Volkswagen vehicles is the fact that it is the largest produced vehicle on the brand’s MQB platform. The Cross Sport version was released with many different trims: S, SE, SEL, R-Line, SEL Premium, and SEL Premium R-Line which are truly so many different options. Now, let’s get to the point and talk about the most important problems you should know about if you own VW Atlas.

Transmission Issues

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The first problem that we are going to talk about regarding VW Atlas refers to the transmission ones. In general, it is very challenging to handle a slippery transmission in any car, especially when we are talking about automatic transmission. Everyone who already owns a VW Atlas knows that this car has a manumatic transmission which means that it both include automatic and manual transmission option. This is very many problems with this car model can start from the minor ones to the huge ones that can cost you a lot of money.

What are the symptoms Of Transmission Issues? Let’s find out.

Fluid Level and Texture

The first sign that you have a transmission problem in the car can be an unregular fluid level and texture. Therefore, we recommend you check the transmission fluid on a regular basis. Basically, it will degrade over time, even though it does not require an engine oil replacement. The transmission fluid that is fresh has a pinkish color and sweet smell. So, if you notice that your car has a brown or black transmission fluid, you should know that it is time for replacement as soon as possible.

The law fluid level can cause different problems such as inconsistent shifting, strange noises, idle mode, and even illumination. It is easy to check the level of fluid with the transmission dipstick tool which is located in the car near the engine. You will see a thin and long metal tool that has an outer ring. Do not forget to keep the engine cool, before you start using the dipstick.

Transmission Fluid Leak

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Do not be surprised if you notice that your fluid is leaking, this can happen because of many different reasons and transmission problems. Generally, the leaking sometimes may not appear to e threatening, however, it is better to check what is the right reason and not ignore it.

Transmission Noise When Shifting Gears

One more thing that can occur as a transmission problem is hearing strange noise when shifting gears. This is because every transmission gear wears down as time pass and you can not affect it. However, it can cause problems such as the slipping of gears and delay in shifting. Further, this can cause the car to become a standstill every time you are parking or trying to reverse the car.

Check Engine Light Illuminates In Dashboard

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As a car owner, you should frequently check the engine light which is a part of the dashboard. It glows up every time something strange is happening in the car and it is a clear sign that you must check some part of the car. So, if you notice that the check engine light on your VW Atlas is starting to flash, you need to check your car immediately because this can be an indicator of different problems.

The blinking light can be a signal of serious engine issues such as allowing unburned fuel to escape the system. This can elevate the temperature of the catalytic converter to the point where damage is occurring immediately and you need to take repairing actions.

Fuel Pump Problems

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One of the problems that your VW Atlas can have is referred to as the fuel pump. If this pump does not work, the fuel can enter the engine. You must know that your car can not drive if there is no fuel in it. In most cases, your car will not even start at all. The thing you need to do at that point is to confirm whether your engine’s computer for some code problem is saved in it before removing anything.

The indicator of the fault code can be the low fuel transport pressure. Additionally, you can also notice an oxygen sensor-related fault code when in the case of low fuel pressure. Some common symptoms of a bad fuel pump refer to the ranting noise, noticing that your engine won’t start, and stammering when accelerating.

Unexpected coolant loss

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One more problem that you should know about as a VW Atlas owner refers to the fact that you can notice unexpected coolant loss. many Atlas owners reported this type of issue. Engine coolant is known as antifreeze and it is an important component of the engine. Antifreeze’s purpose is to protect the engine from getting overheated and it also lubricates different important moving parts in the engine system.

When you notice that your car is losing its coolant at a rapid pace, you should know that this indicates that your engine is overheating or that something even worse is happening which can cause serious engine damage.


In the case you experience same problems with your car over and over again even though the manufacturer told you they are fixed, you can be free to contact the Quill & Arrow Law LLC law firm that will help you by either requiring replacement of that car part or refunding you money.

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