A Comprehensive Guide to the 2013 F150 Transmission Recall Fix

If you own a 2013 Ford F-150, chances are that you’ve experienced an issue or two with your transmission. If you don’t already know, Ford issued a 2013 F150 transmission recall fix to compensate drivers for this problem. In this guide we will explore the details of the recall, the specific transmission problems experienced, and the resolution offered by Ford.

Whether you’re facing this issue or just want to educate yourself on the 2013 f150 recall, you are in the right place. Keep reading to expand your knowledge about Ford recalls!

Understanding the 2013 F150 Transmission Recall Fix

The motor company issued this recall to review and correct one of the common 2013 Ford transmission problems. In particular, this had to do with the 2013 Ford F150 transmission control module. Many owners of this model and year complained of shifting difficulties, erratic performance, and transmission failure. With constant dealership visits, some gave up on the vehicle. This was because the 2013 F150 transmission problems were too much of a recurring issue for them to deal with. 

As time went by, Ford decided to issue a recall to take care of the issue. This Ford 6r80 transmission recall focused on the 2013 Ford F150 recall transmission in general. The company highlighted that the recall was to ascertain customer satisfaction and safety.

Reasons for the Recall

Further investigation into the complaints revealed a major design flaw in the 6R80 of the 2013 F150. They discovered that the transmission control module was not stable, leading to the potential for the whole system to malfunction. 

For those who are not too familiar with automotive terms, the transmission control module is a component that is responsible for smooth gear shifting. If this component is faulty, the transmission is susceptible to subpar performance, and eventually total failure. 

Overall, it degrades the vehicle’s performance and makes it less reliable for drivers. As a result, the recall due to the defective 2013 Ford F150 ecoboost transmission was necessary. 

Resolving the Recall: Process and Steps Taken by Ford

If you are familiar with Ford and their response to complaints, you will know how nonchalant they can sometimes be. However, it wasn’t the case with the 2013 Ford F 150 transmission recall. For this one in particular it seems they took a more proactive approach.

Ford issued recalls on 2013 Ford F150 vehicles quickly and decisively. When they did this, they provided instructions for owners to address the problem. The company advised affected owners to take their vehicles to authorized dealerships for inspections. Upon inspection, vehicles displaying the problem got a free repair. 

Recall Fix Process

Perhaps you own an affected 2013 F150. It’s not too late to get it fixed for free. Here’s the simple process to go about it:

  • Schedule an appointment with a Ford-certified dealership. Make sure that the dealership is authorized by Ford. This way if they can’t fix the problem, you still have recourse.
  • Upon taking your vehicle in, the trained technicians at the dealership will conduct a detailed inspection of the transmission. The majority of their inspection will be on the transmission control module. This is because it has been identified as the root cause of the problem. They may also check other related components.
  • If their inspections detect faults or failures within the transmission, they’ll deem it as eligible for repair.
  • There are no two ways about it – they have to swap the defective transmission control module with an updated version to correct the design flaw.

Some dealerships may attempt to ‘fix’ the flawed transmission control module. If they propose that to you, don’t settle for it. The permanent fix to this problem is replacing the module with a new and updated one.

Also, the repair costs are covered by Ford. So, if they attempt to charge you, don’t stand for it! This process can vary but who pays for it does not. A lemon law attorney may review the process with you. This is what to expect under the 2013 Ford F150 recall. 

Effectiveness of the 2013 F150 transmission recall fix

Unlike many Ford recalls in the past, the 2013 F150 transmission recall fix received a lot of positive feedback from affected users. Reports stated that owners experienced smoother gear shifts and an overall better driving experience. The updated transmission control module proved to be the right solution as it addressed the root cause of the problem and restored functionality to the transmission system. Overall, reports cited improved reliability upon the fix.

Recall Notifications and Customer Support

It was obvious that Ford made a deliberate effort to reach out to the owners affected by the 2013 F150 recalls. This is judged by how the owners reported to authorized dealerships. The automotive company ensured that every owner got the information one way or the other.

Ford achieved a wider reach for the recall by employing notifications through various channels like mail and email. 

In addition to the free repair, Ford also made a deliberate effort to follow up on all affected users. They established dedicated support lines for owners to reach out for questions and concerns relating to the recall process.

In this history of recalls with Ford, this is one of the most ‘well-handled’ recalls in their books. Not only did they respond promptly to the problem, they offered free replacement of flawed modules and responded to questions after the process. Not many automotive companies go to such extent for their recalls.

Wrap Up

From start to finish, it is safe to say that the 2013 Ford F 150 recalls were a success. The company made sure to tackle it before it escalated. Looking back, we see that Ford was proactive in identifying the design flaws in the transmission control module. They then provided an effective solution to guarantee the safety and satisfaction of customers.

If you own a 2013 F150, take action to schedule an inspection and repair at an authorized Ford dealership. Doing this may get you a new and improved transmission system. This will lead to a smoother driving experience. So don’t be shy. Contact your nearest Ford dealership or the dedicated customer support line for further assistance regarding the 2013 F-150 transmission recall fix.

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